Spread Something Positive Project

The Corona Virus is changing our lives. Working from home is really different.

How do you do this? How do you make it interesting? Can you inspire us?

This is why we are launching the SSPP =  Spread Something Positive Platform:

A network of international teachers and students offers a live video Platform to show your ideas and talk with others around the world!

Click on the Youtube Icon to watch our video!

Who can join?

The SSPP is available to any student in the world who wants to practice their English. There are four levels, based on English Proficiency. Each level has their own activities:

  1.  Young Learners (8-11)  > Pictures, Drawings, Short Vides
  2. Middle Group (12-13)   > Videos of 2 -3 minutes
  3. Higher Levels (14-15)   > Live presentations or videos (3 min approx)
  4. Assistants (16+)             > Jury, will guide participants

How does it work?

Students will register. Once registered, they have a week to submit material based on their English level. There will be a kickoff meeting to present ideas for the submissions. This will be voted on by the students, judges and the general public in a second meeting. The winners will be announced in the website and PIE news. The schedule for May and June are the following:

May Schedule:

18th MayRegistration Deadline
19th May, 16hrs CETKick-Off Meeting
25th MaySubmission Deadline
26th May, 16hrs CETVoting and Presentations Meeting
28th MayWinners Announced

June Schedule

15th JuneRegistration Deadline
16th June, 16hrs CETKick-Off Meeting
22nd JuneSubmission Deadline
23rd June, 16hrs CETVoting and Presentations Meeting
25th JuneWinners Announced

Got any questions? Please e-mail us at admin@efkf.org


April 2020

The Spread Something Positive Project started this week! It is wonderful to see kids brighten up by doing something positive. By sharing their activities with other participants, they are not only improving their English speaking skills but also learn more about other cultures and inspiring activities. Want to join the next round? Click above on “Apply Now”!