The EFKF brings you our newest event: Run4Ghana. A healthy way to help students in Ghana, while keeping yourself safe!

Why Run4Ghana?

The EFKF, in association with Ghanagangers, is currently developing an English educational package to help Ghana students to improve their English proficiency. The EFKF will also train the volunteers who go to Ghana in the usage of the materials.
This is of vital importance for the students, as it will help them understand better the crucial subjects of hygiene and family planning taught by Ghanagangers. Overall, the material will be used at 18 different schools, benefiting many students and helping them improve their quality of life.
Previous projects and events for Ghana include our 2019 SantaRun and Joep & Carli’s time there!

All proceeds from the run will go to the Ghana project.

How does it work?

It’s simple! You can register here. By registering, you pledge to run or walk 5km at any time of your choosing, during the weekend of the 20-21st June.

As part of your pledge, you will get 5 sponsors to promise to donate €5 each if you complete the run.

The Run:

At any time during the weekend of the 20-21st June, you can run/walk the 5k. Once you’re done, send us a screenshot of your distance tracking app or a picture of you after the run/walk.
We will provide you with a payment link that you can then send your sponsors to fulfil their €5 donation promise!

E-mail us at