July 2015 > Summer School in Ukraine

In July EFKF International and Ukrainian volunteers Mike, Anka, Sue, Marina, Daria, Liza and Alina came together in Dneporpetrovsk to organise two-week EFKF English Summer School for  30 unprivileged children from war-torn areas in Ukraine.

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March 2013 > Summer School in Ukraine

Last year Teacher Trainer Sarah Talbot went to Charkiv for EFKF. It was the third EFKF Summer School in Ukraine and as the project was linked to EURO 2012, we had not yet made plans for 2013. However, Sarah was very positive about her experience there and is adamant that we should continue the good work. So she is now teaming up with Alina Lys to prepare for Summer School 2013. Alina has visited the Ukraine Ambassador for support.
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 EFKF project Kharkiv – report 2010Ukrain project

In July 2010 we, three Dutch teachers of English and our Ukrainian/Dutch host Alina Lys, visited Kharkiv, a city located in the Eastern part of Ukraine.  In these two weeks we taught at Kharkiv University at the economic department.   We educated groups of ten students (both students and teachers at Kharkiv University and together with our students focused on grammar, reading, listening/watching, writing and speaking.  Every single item we discussed was very much appreciated by the students and many reading texts, BBC documentaries and speaking exercises quite often led to exchanging views on for instance Eastern Europe vs Western Europe and Ukrainian culture vs Dutch culture. We talked about food, nature, art, books, music, politics; the topics were numerous. We also visited lots of interesting places in Kharkiv itself and out of the city. During these trips our students were our guides. As a result, not only our students were participating in a learning programme, so were we!   Kharkiv 2010 has been a wonderful experience to both students and teachers, and because of that we would like to return and continue teaching in the summer of 2011. Apart from teaching university students we will also teach at a secondary school in Kharkiv.   For Kharkiv 2011 we therefore need enthusiastic teachers of English, who would like to teach English for two weeks to secondary school children (age 15-18)  and/or university students and teachers (age 18-35) and who are open to a different country and culture.  Please send an email to Marian Schreppers if you’re interested and visit the EFKF website to get an impression of teaching abroad:

Experience the joy of teaching abroad, sharing knowledge and getting to know other people!
Kind regards,
Kharkiv team 2010
Alina Lys, Hans Crouzen, Sietso-Jan Nanninga, Cora Belder

10 July 2010 > EFKF Teachers fly to KharkivUkrain2010

Saturday 10 July 2010 was the start of our first visit to Kharkiv. At 10.30 am the 3 teachers, Cora Belder, Hans Crouzen and Sietzo-Jan Nanninga, guided by Ukraine born project leader Alina Lys, gathered at Amsterdam Schiphol for their flight to Kiev. There they take a train to Kharkiv on Sunday. Lessons to 48 students at 5 different levels start on Monday. Aim of the project is to support youngsters who want to improve their English for Euro 2012. To be continued.

March 2010

Project leader Alina Lys is preparing a Summer School in Kharkiv, where she has contacted University staff to support the project. Scheduled dates are 21 June until 30 July 2010. We are looking for 4 exprienced teachers. Volunteers interested in joining this project for 6 weeks can contact us.

This project will last 3 years, until the European Championships Football in 2012. It contains each year a Summer School, 2 weeks for children of 13-15 years old and 2 weeks for students of 17-22 years old. This project will also include an e-mail project.