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March 2015 > Teaching in South AfricaSouthafrica

Naomi Ernst and Marieke Alferink, two third year students to become a teacher have gone to South Africa in the beginning of april 2015. They went to Elandsdoorn to teach at a primary school and at an after school program.
The program of the primary school was made and already used by the South African teachers and they followed this curriculum. For the teaching after school, there was no program and they were developing one and introduced  it to the teachers in Elandsdoorn, as well teached them how to use the program.

Marieke and Naomi: “We did not only want to go to South Africa for some teaching, but we also wanted to proceed them with materials and to make sure, there is a child friendly environment to learn. Therefore, we raised over 2000 euros to spend in South Africa, for the schools and the children of course. We are really excited to go to South Africa and of course we will keep you posted!”

You can find their posts here.



March 2013 > Books for South Africa

Board Member Jos Blaauwhof visited South Africa last week and delivered 40 books to Mariette Slabbert, our local con-tact in Elandsdoorn.

Thursday 14 March is the start of two new groups of students in the Netherlands that will email and pos-sibly skype with the students in Elands-doorn. For Christelijk Lyceum Delft it is the first time they are involved in the South Africa project. Jan Tinbergen College in Roosendaal has been working with NdLovu Medical Centre for 4 years and have even visited the project in 2010.
Good luck to both groups!

June 2010

In South Africa EFKF has formed a partnership with NdlovuCare Group. Click *here*  to see the webpage.

March 2010

We are half way now and it is a great success. There is a lot of email traffic going on between Roosendaal and Groblersdal. They know a lot about each other. Some are already friends for life. They send each other poems, songs, photos and ask all the things they want to know.

Our children are helping the kids in Africa to improve their English. I think that the main reason, to give them a face, give them a voice, give them a future is really a success.

March 2009

On Monday 2 March, during a meeting with a representative of Jan Tinbergen College Roosendaal, started preparations for a big digital project. Our contact is Sediko Rakolote, Children’s Programme Manager of Ndlovu Medical Centre. In April Hanneke Blaauwhof, wife of EFKF Board Member Jos Blaauwhof,  travelled to South-Africa with some sample materials. Jos Blaauwhof went there in July. 

In South Africa our first contact is dr. Hugo Tempelman, who started a hospital in the early 99s. It is now a full grown institute with 300 employees. Plans are being worked out to start a new and bigger project. The first project called Elandsdoorn offers medical facilities but also has a classroom for training. The idea is to teach both employees and children English in structured projects using internet opportunities as well as paper based portfolios.

The infrastructure to support the learning of English from a distance is already available in Elandsdoorn. The EFKF will support the teachers with materials and advice. If possible we would like to start ICT contact with youngsters in the Netherlands. Not only to learn English with each other but also to stimulate multicultural understanding.

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