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This year also, we had success with our ongoing EFKF-project in Brazil. Latest English assessment was held at 7 December 2018 for a large group of enthusiastic students!


3 students and EFKF contributor Katarina write about their work for EFKF in Brazil Orizona during June 2016.

Their evaluation:Enid


“I loved teaching and I learned a lot from it. In the beginning it was really hard because the children were confused the whole time and had a hard time understanding what I wanted them to do. After a while this went much better as they remembered certain instructions and words so the lessons were much easier for the kids as well as for me. Also the kids got more comfortable in the classroom and dared to ask me questions in English or tried to explain something they wanted to say in Portuguese. Also the rules became more clear, so the classes became more calm an more organised which made it easier so learn the material. Some children really surprised me with their perseverance as they came everyday trying really hard and learning little things everyday. But I’m also surprised by the amount of people who were absent, this amount became bigger during the three weeks. If kids are absent a lot this makes it much harder to teach them as they are behind with the rest of the class and are holding them up. As for next year I would recommend urging the kids to really come every time and that this is also encouraged by the school. I saw a lot of kids who were in my class walking around or in the school during my lesson.”

“Overall I think we really achieved a lot. The kids who came to classes every time have made great improvements and even the lower level classes are now able to have a basic English conversation! I think is speak for all of us if I say that we had an enormous amount of fun an learned a lot from the teaching and the kids.”




“I look back at teaching in Orizona as a very positive experience. I enjoyed my bubbly students and it was with great pleasure to get to know them. Furthermore, the co-operation with the teachers and management at the school was very rewarding. It was great to receive their positive and enthusiatic reaction to our work. Additionally, I really appreciated how they introduced us to their culture with the festivities and food they shared with us.”


OtisMost classes started out chaotic and it was hard to explain what the students were supposed to do. This changed over time and the students and I became used to each other and communication grew more effortless. At the end we knew each other well and we had inside jokes. This didn’t meant that the classes in the third week were the best ones. In many of my later classes the engagement seemed lower and it turned out that things that had been practiced every day still didn’t stick with many students. While group D had more trouble with remembering words for things like numbers, group E appeared to have trouble with the numbers themselves (simple subtraction). The latter group did remember all the words for the numbers, though, and during the whole project they were quick to grasp many concepts like family, fruits and adjectives. Group I was the best group and shined most of the time in the past weeks. Even harder concepts like conjugating ‘to have’ and ‘to do’ and when to use which were understood within a day and they could translate sentences containing these. All in all, despite some disappointments at the end, I had a lot of fun with all the classes and was often positively surprised. I learned as much from my students as they hopefully learned from me.”


“The evening classes were scheduled every night at 20.00 for teachers, school staff and some adults. There were pupils of different levels, therefore the differentiation was made. In higher group there was one student regularkatarinaly joining classes and two others who popped up  from time to time. This group read chapters of the book ‘Diary of Anne Frank’. Every lesson they read a chapter, discuss the topic and write the essay on certain issue. Their speaking is fluent, hence we worked on the vocabulary and grammar. The speaking skill was practiced by presenting the book.  The biggest group was a beginner group. With that group we talked about different topics as introduction, family, professional, verbs, verb to be and present tenses. It was amazing to see the eagerness and wiliness to learn and practise English. Although some language barrier we went through all lessons successfully. It was a great experience to teach this group.”


And here you’ll find their story from day to day.

Global Education Practicum Brazil 2016 – day 1 & 2
“The GEP practicum has officially begun! The brazil team arrived yesterday to the sunny Orizona. For all our readers; it is currently winter in Brazil, yet the brazilian winter is hotter than the warmest summer days in Holland! Yesterday we met with with our host families where we will be staying for the coming 3 weeks. We were welcomed with a big brazilian lunch and we all loved the typical dishes (especially the rice and beans!)
Although yesterday was a rest day, today we delved straight into work!
The number of applicants for the project exceeded our expectations by far! Therefore, this morning we organized the logistics of the english classes together with the teachers at the school. After another lovely lunch, we visited another school. The children
surprised us with their enthusiasm, they liked to ask us questions about where we are from and one team member was especially popular
with the local children. After the visit, we started our first capoeira class. Our
instructor imressed us with some difficult moves. Perhaps we will also be able to stand on our heads at the end of the trip! The end of the day was closed with a Portuguese class that was taught by a member of one of our host families. For today the focus was
practicalities that we could use in the classroom, but since extremely few speak English here in Orizona,we will probably progress very fast! Until next time!” ~ Floor

Global Education Practicum Brazil – day 3
“Hello Everyone, today was our second day in this beautiful town! We started of with a big breakfast with lots of fruits and after that walked to the school. At 8:30 the first group of kids came to take the placement test. It was a challenge to make everyone understand it but the kids were really lively and willing to learn and some of them really surprised us with their knowledge of English. After the second group of children we took the exams home to grade them and we had lunch, of course there were rice and beans. ? In the afternoon we had a group of 94 (!!) children to take the exam, but it went very well! After that we graded those exams as well and divided the children in groups according to their level so they can get as much out of this as possible. Tomorrow our first day of teaching will begin and we are all very excited! We will let you know how it goes!” ~ Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – day 4
“What a day! After all the children were arranged in the correct classes the real work could start; teaching English! Unfortunately we were handicapped today as one of our team members had a fever, but nevertheless the show must go on! The other two team members had their first interactions with the classroom dynamics. After a day it feels like we’ve experiences it al; the ups, the downs, the teachers pets, the class clowns, the naughty kids .. We’d almost forget that we have been teaching for just a day! The first
impressions were very valuable to us, as it allowed us to get a better
indication of the student’s level and consequently improve our lesson
plans. After a long first part of the day it was time for Capoeira, however, due to a unfortunate series of events in the afternoon we could not attend it; luckily we will have it tomorrow again!
The day was closed with a Portuguese class where we practiced verbs and emphasized our Portuguese pronounciation. Can’t wait what tomorrow will hold for us!” ~ Floor

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 5
“Another busy day in Orizona, we started at 8:30 again with our first classes and many more followed. The classes already showed progress compared to yesterday and there were even kids who still wanted to join the program today. After the lessons we had a capoeira class which was very impressive as some really advanced people joined our class. After that Floor and I had a Portuguese class focusing on animals and verbs and we even got homework! See you again tomorrow!” ~ Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 6
“Today I finally got better and I could get started again with teaching. There was a noticeable difference in the classroom with two days ago. Most of the kinks seemed to be worked out. The rules were laid out and clear and the principal had taken care of the troublemakers. Almost all children were very motivated and helped their peers, and some even scolded others that were disrupting the class. After the lessons we enjoyed some capoeira again (and the girls a jumping class) and we ended the day with a quite serious class about Brazilian culture.” – Otis

Global Education Practicum Brazil ~ Day 7
“Today we had a day off from our busy teaching activities. We spent the day in the capital of Brazil – Brasilia- which is a 3,5hrs drive from Orizona. In Brasilia we visited the JK museum and important buildings such as the Brazilian congress hall and the beautiful cathedral. In the congress hall we could send postcards picturing the building, so some of our readers might receive a postcard soon ?. It was great to learn more about the Brazilian system and see the nice architecture. After our cultural exploration we enjoyed a Brazilian buffet near the lake. We walked around the lake, but unfortunately we didn’t have too much time left as we needed to head back to Orizona.” – Floor

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 8
‘Today we had a free day. We were invited for lunch by a teacher of the school and her husband. It was really nice, they had a garden in which they grew all their own fruits and they had especially good lemons! The lunch started with some delicious meat from the BBQ and was followed by a lot of traditional Brazilian food and an amazing dessert (see the picture). We had a meeting to talk about the week so far and concluded that everything was going great. Tomorrow we start teaching again, can’t wait!’ ~ Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 9
‘The day started out cold, apparently the coldest so far this year. The kids, however, were charged from the weekend and ready to take on the week. Unfortunately this meant that the morning classes were more disorganised than usual. Nothing we can’t handle though. We’re all settled into our role as teacher and it’s great to see the students understand more and more. Our capoeira class today taught us some intimidating acrobatic stunts. Tired as we were, when we left something else was waiting for us. Festa junina is a traditional Brazilian celebration on June, which we will experience this Friday. Today we had to rehearse for the dance, quadrilha. With a girl coordinating us in the microphone, we and the students from the school performed a set of movements similar to a square dance. After this chaotic event we enjoyed a Portuguese class from our good friend Wellington.’ ~ Otis

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 10
‘Today was a cloudy yet really fun day in Orizona. We did a lot with the classes like explaining where you live, animals and fruits! In the break we had amazing treats in the teacher room (see the pictures below). The afternoon classes also worked really hard today and it is great to see that they are getting better every day. After that we were done for the day and had the afternoon off. Now we are busy making our Portuguese homework and lesson plans for tomorrow!’ – Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 11
‘We are already half-way through our project. What can time go incredibly fast! With every day, I feel like we are more integrating into the community. By now we are used to kids shouting our names from across the street as we walk towards the school and the teachers that warmly greet us every morning. Although we still can’t really understand each other, it feels like we get to know them better every day. And not to forget the daily pastry indulgences in the teacher room when we just finished our first class! By now we know all the names of our students who keep surprising us, we may confiscate their phones in the morning, but at the end of the day we still dance the quadrille together ? It was another busy day, as we practiced Capoeira, danced and laughed at the quadrille practice and continued our Portuguese classes. We have an incredibly busy schedule, but we are loving every minute of it!’ ~ Floor

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 12
‘In the wake of Festa Junina tomorrow many kids seemed to have other priorities today, since most of the classes were unusually empty. One class only saw two students show up. There were still enough people that were eager to learn today, however, and it made the day a lot less hectic, which wasn’t an unwelcome change. After that we enjoyed some more quadrilha practice before the real thing tomorrow, a very sedentary capoeira class (we watched some interesting videos), and finally our Portuguese class. By now we’re quite used to our routine and I sometimes forget that we speak a different language.’ – Otis

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 13
‘Today was de busiest day so far and we experienced lots of different fassets of Brazilian culture. Early in the morning we went to the local sugar cane factory where a family has been making sugar cane sweets by themselves for over 14 years. They do every step op the process manually and it was very impressive to see how they made it. After this we went to a factory that made a very strong alcoholic beverage out of sugar cane. Again we were embraced by Brazilian hospitality as they offered us an amazing lunch. Later in the afternoon it was time for the quadrilha preparations. We were giving colourful dresses and our hair was braided. Otis got a very good looking outfit as well. Then we were taken on a ride through Orizona on a carriage with all the kids and horses following. When we arrived at the fair it was decorated beautifully and there was lots of food. At the end of the evening we performed the dance we practiced so hard for and we had the best time!! Thank you everyone for this great day ?’ ~ Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 14
‘Another early morning for the Brazil team! At 6 am we drove off to Piranopilis, a picturesque village located at a 3hrs drive away from our beloved Orizona. We had a lovely time walking around the colorful streets and exploring the local shops. After lunch we left for our accommodation for Saturday night, and we were more than positively surprised what Katarina had picked out for us! Tomorrow we will visit the waterfalls in the early morning, so we’re really excited about that!’ – Floor

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 15
‘This morning we visited the waterfalls. They were apparently quite well hidden because it took a few wrong roads to find the right one. When we finally arrived it didn’t matter, though. The waterfalls were beautiful, and the water was perfect for swimming. Even the rocks were a lot of fun (and a challenge) to climb on. And needless to say, the sky was blue and the sun warm and bright. Fun was had and photos were taken. For lunch we gorged on a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet and after we did some more walking around and shopping in pirenopolis. Our afternoon drive back featured a big full moon, three suicidal birds (that were spared despite their efforts), and the stunning landscape of the Brazilian Cerrado. And I spotted my fifth toucan :)’ – Otis

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 16
‘Today we went back to the school! After the weekend we and the kids were full of energy again and we were able to teach a lot. In soms classes the kids learned how to tell the time and in other irregular verbs! After the school day we had a really fun capoeira lesson where we learned new defence techniques and played the traditional instruments. The Portuguese lesson was interesting once again as we are still struggling with pronunciation and nasal sounds of the language and learning a lot of new words. Time flies when you are having fun and we can’t believe we already started our last week here in Orizona!’ ~ Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 17
‘Our days in the Sunny Orizona seem to be going faster and faster. We are already occupied with the ending ceremony of our project! We spent today introducing the last new topics before we go into review-mode for the final test! After our classes we surrounded ourselves with a strong coffee aroma as we visited the local coffee factory. The owner’s son explained the process of aquiring the perfect beans for our beloved Brazilian cup of coffee. We were taken through each step of the process; from sorting the perfect beans to manually packing the coffee grind. Till tomorrow!’ -Floor

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 18
‘It seems that, unfortunately, the end is finally nearing. While our students can still look forward to classes tomorrow and an exam on Friday, our own education of Brazilian culture mostly ended today. At least the formal part. In our last capoeira class, we were initiated as beginners in capoeira and we were awarded the green rope. This initiation required us presenting what we have learned over the past few weeks in a final set of games (mock fights), both with each other and the present capoeiristas. I´m happy to say that our training has paid off and I pity the next person that picks a fight with one of us. Our teacher Allison concluded the class with a warm speech (talking is one of his hobbies) hinting at his sensitive side. Then we all talked and laughed over a delicious dinner prepared by his wife, while their daughter ran around showing every possible human expression over the course one hour. She must have switched between laughing at me and wishing me dead with her eyes at least ten times. We also finished our Portuguese course today, and needless to say, our last class saw us speaking the language fluently. Wellington is not only a good host, but also an amazing teacher. Luckily, although we have only a few more days to go in Orizona, they are filled to the brim with activities. One of which is a mud fight.’ ~Otis

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 19
‘Today was our final day of teaching. We revised everything we did the past couple of weeks so the kids are completely ready for the test tomorrow. After lunch we went the the headmasters farm. Before we actually went there, we stopped the car and walked to a little stream. We walked all the way up the stream through some magnificent nature to the spring of the river where there was a mud pool. There everyone had mud fights and Otis even jumped from the cliff into the mud. Covered in mud we walked back to our stuff, where we cleaned ourselves and then we all (9 people!) got in the back of a pickup truck. It almost felt like a movie scene riding back to the farm! When we got there everyone had a shower and we had some cheese bread. Then we were allowed to go on a ride on the horses from the farm. The sunset was one of the most beautiful ones we ever saw and Otis and Katarina even saw an ant-eater! When we came back we had delicious food and a lot of fun with all the teachers from the school who joined for diner! At the end of the evening we had a lovely goodbye with performances form Helena and Gabriela (two students) and we received the best presents ever: customised sparkly Havaianas!!’ ~ Enid

Global Education Practicum Brazil – Day 20
‘What an emotional day! We just concluded our project in Orizona with a wonderful graduation ceremony. Students proudly received their certificates, which they worked so hard for, and we had an opportunity to thank the teachers for everything they’ve done. It really meant so much to us! During the morning and afternoon we spent our final classes in exam-mode. All our students took exams that we teachers made for them and included everything they have learned. It was really rewarding to see so many good results! Unfortunately the GEP Brazil ends here for us, but we now that this won’t be the end. Hopefully Orizona will welcome another team of enthusiastic teachers from Holland next year!’ – Floor

June 2015 > Teachin in Brazil

»Teaching in Brazil« project will take place in Barra do Sahy from 4 to 26 June. Six teachers and students will teach at Verdescola and help/assist at the afternoon activities. Portuguese classes will be given to a group of students and teachers. The project also include a trip to Sao Paolo and visit of EFKF project at Associaco Cresce Sempre.

June 2015 > Gloab education practicum in Brazil

»Global Education Practicum – Brazil« is a three week project in Orizona, Brazil (7 – 28 June). Eight students and teacher will teach in the Escola Municipal Amélia Issa and Escola Municipal Francelino Nunes de Paula, public schools in Orizona. The group will experience a Brazilian lifestyle through compulsory workshops, trips and staying with the host families.

March 2013 > Football in Brazil

Following our success in Ukraine, we want to support children in Brazil to prepare for Worldcup 2014. Dr Wiese, who teaches at University College Roosevelt, but lives in Sao Paulo, has started preparations for a big project next school year.
She will visit the project school in July 2013 to discuss details, so we can get into action in October 2013.
More details will be presented on our Meet&Greet in September, but if you are interested in joining this project, please let us know.