Naomi and Marieke in South Africa

“We are Naomi Ernst and Marieke Alferink and we are two third year students to become a teacher. In the beginning of april we will go to South Africa, Elandsdoorn to teach at a primary school and an after school program. The program of the primary school is made and already used by the South African teachers, we will follow this curriculum. For the teaching after school, there is no program. We are developing a program and we will introduce it to the teachers in Elandsdoorn, as well teach them how to use the program. We did not only want to go to South Africa for some teaching, but we also wanted to proceed them with materials and to make sure, there is a child friendly environment to learn. Therefore, we raised over 2000 euros to spend in South Africa, for the schools and the children of course. We are really excited to go to South Africa and of course we will keep you posted!’

Week 1:

“Here is our first message from South-Africa! We were supposed to start teaching last week, but there was nobody at the school. They forgot to tell us that the children were on a holiday. So this is Africa. This week we started teaching at the Ekucathuleni Primary school. When we arrived at the primary school, the children were all very excited. They were weaving at us, clapping hands and were very enthusiastic. We are teaching English in Grade 3 and 4. They understand our lessons quite well. Their speaking is not very well, but we hope we can improve that these 3 months. We also deal with a lot of cultural differences. But till now the lessons went all very good. Next week we’ll give you a new update!!”

Week 2:

“Like we told you in our first update, we started teaching last week. We already told you about the teaching in grade 3 and 4. This weekend we spent a lot of time preparing lessons for our first real week of teaching, but we will tell you all about these lessons in our third update. In this update we would like to tell you something about The Chill Hub, from the Ndlovu Care Group. This is a place were children can go after school, to do some studying. We would like to start an after school English program at the Chill Hub, where children can join in whenever they want to. Unfortunately, there were no children at the Chill Hub last week. This week we will spend some time to promote the Chill Hub and hopefully we will be starting teaching on Tuesday.”

May 13, 2015

“Last week we have been really busy with a lot of things. We started teaching separatly, which went really well. Naomi has been teaching in grade 2 and 3 and Marieke has been teaching in grade 4. These weeks we used a lot of music and drama in our lessons. The children are really not used to these kind of things during a lessons and they are not used to interaction as well. But they really like it and they like the positive vibe of our lessons as well.  We think it is really important for the
children to have our positive lessons, because the teachers are very negative during the lessons. So the children need some positive attention. At the Chill Hub, things are going great as well. We have around 20 children every day, which is awesome!!! We as well bought a couple of things for the Chill Hub and we bought two filing cabinets for the primary school, because they did not have anything to lock the personal files of the children in. This was our sort report of the last week!”

May 25, 2015

Last week has been a very good week. In our last update, we told you about the big cultural differences we noticed at the primary school. A very big difference are the physical punishments. We spoke about this with the principal. We agreed that we will make a handbook for the teachers about how to use classroom management, rewarding systems and energizers in their lessons. We will as well give them a workshop about this handbook, where we show them all the equipment needed for a good lesson. Tomorrow we are going to start the HIV preventing project in grade 7 of the Tlou-Kwena senior primary school. We are very excited to start this project and we will definitely tell you more about this in our next update!!