Games Box for schools

Games Box

Last year we first offered our Games Boxes to schools who wanted to take part in the EFKF Games on the European Day of Languages or to set  up language games at their school. More than 20 schools ordered the box and feedback was very positive. Colleagues liked the practical way that the 6 games were offered: “You can simply open the box and start playing!”

Relay Race, Standing Storks, Running Dictation, Water Race, Bowling for Words and Word Throw could all be played at A1, A2 or B1 level.This year we have an updated version, which is a bit bigger, available for €75,-You can order the box using the form below. All profits will go to the various EFKF projects.

The Games are offered on three levels:

A1 raden we aan voor de basisschool plus brugklas (Anglia Level: Primary / Preliminary)
A2 voor klassen 2 en 3 (Anglia Level: Elementary / Pre-Intermediate)
B1 voor hogere levels (Anglia Level: Intermediate)

It is possible to order different levels in one box. Please use the comment field for this.

After ordering you will receive an invoice. The box(es) will be sent asap after payment has been received.

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