Laura en Thom in Ghana

In spring 2017 Laura Jespers and Thom Brelkoo were in Ghana for a 3 month internship.  In this blog they will tell you about their experiences. But first lets introduce them.

Thom: “‘My name is Thom Brekoo. I am 23 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I study at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda to become a primary school teacher. This is my third year of study. I participated in the course *Teaching English Abroad*  at my school and as of March 2017 I do my 4 weeks during internship abroad in Ghana with Laura Jespers to teach in English at a local primary
school. I did preparations with EFKF and I am looking forward to this adventure!'”

Laura:””My name is Laura. I live in Oosterhout. I am a student at Avans Breda. In March 2017 I travelled to Ghana for three months to do my internship. I had preparations with EFKF and I am really looking forward teaching English to underprivileged children in Mepe.”

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Week 1:

“‘We arrived at Accra (Ghana) last Monday evening. We brought the typical Dutch weather with us, it was raining for the first time in months. We travelled to Mepe on Tuesday. This is our hometown for the next three and a half months. The rest of the week we got to know the school and the place. We had a lot of impressions this week. We will start teaching next week. It is a great school with good teachers, they teach all subjects in English. You will hear from us soon!’


Week 2:

“‘We have seen a lot more this week. We learnt more about the school and the way they teach. we taught our first lessons, we did this in the lower classes. At the end of the week we discussed our stay with the principal. We talked about useful things we can do during our stay. It is testweek next week. All the pupils will make tests about all the subjects during this week. We will use this time to prepare lessons about different topics, lessons about the Dutch language and we will think about classmanagement tools we can implement during our lessons (and hopefully at the end the teachers from the school in their lessons). We went to other Dutch students in the weekend. They also stay in Ghana, in Ada Foah. It was nice to met them!’