Games4Kids is the English for Kids Foundation own Gamesbox! We have designed this box to provide a fun, engaging way for children to learn and practice their English skills through competition and cooperation.

Games4Kids is a package that includes 6 different English-learning games, each game containing different levels based on English proficiency (A1, A2, B1). It comes in 2 exciting versions:

Electronic Version:

  • All the games included
  • All supportive material included (word banks/ cut-outs/ puzzles)
  • A user’s manual
    The electronic version is perfect for those who want to involve a little crafting into the experience. Some of the games require a little preparation such cutting figures or assembling/organizing objects. The children therefore get time to be creative before the game! More importantly, all the games can be played with materials easily available in a school or house! All you need is a printer. This package is an ecologically-friendly way of having fun!

Physical version:

  • All the games included
  • All supportive material
  • All physical material
  • A user’s manual
    The physical version is perfect for those who just want to play. Merely open the box to find everything you need: all you need to do is assemble it! This version is worry-free and hassle-free, in the mentality of ready, set, go!

How do I get one?
Easy! Simply register via this form or e-mail us to! We will send you an invoice and a payment link. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you all the material (either by e-mail or post). After that, it’s play time!