Joep & Carli in Ghana!

Joep and Carli embark on their adventure!

After one week, Joep and Carli are slowly starting to get to know Ghana. They wrote to us:

This week we only went to the school for one day, on Tuesday. Then we mainly looked at all classes. They wanted us to get to know the village and the way of life here first. Monday we really start with an internship, and we have to come up with a plan about what we want to do. We first start with Teaching about project hygiene. And if we are going to teach more, we want to use the Step to method. Hopefully we will hear on Monday which group we are in.
We really like it here, but It is really different here than in the Netherlands. We still have to learn everything and do not yet know what is common. We are starting to understand the town and the people more and more, but we still need to get used to everything.”